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Premium Cigars Shipped to the UK

Yes! We ship cigars to the UK

We've been serving our great customers in the UK with premium Non-Cuban cigars for many, many years.  At Absolute Cigars our specialty is in cigars shipped worldwide. This includes Great Britain, where have served a great many UK cigar enthusiasts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Cigars delivered to the UK on average take 10-20 days to arrive, via our trackable postal service. Also note that our service is guaranteed.  Our cigar delivery to Britain is covered by our 100% delivery and full satisfaction guarantee.   So, if you're seeking a reliable cigar merchant with a track record of experience in cigars shipped to the United Kingdom, then give us a try.  Not sure?  We suggest you start small, with one of our low cost  5-packs or cigar samplers.

We're proud of the great customers we have in Great Britain, and many of them have become personal friends of ours over the years. Our UK cigar customers, include numerous UK cigar clubs, golf clubs, and of course individual cigar enthusiasts. One recent cigar customer in Britain using our guaranteed cigar delivery to the UK wrote:

Typical US$ rates for United Kingdom cigar shipping:

1 typical weight cigar box: $18

2 typical weight boxes of cigars: $34

1 typical cigar sampler or 5 pack: $14

2 typical cigar samplers or 5 packs: $18


"Hi guys, thanks very much for making it a very-easy-to-order experience. I was thinking that getting cigars shipped to me here in the UK would be really difficult! Best wishes."

A few more happy UK cigar customers:

"Hi,from the U.K. Just a short note to let you know this order has arrived safely. Also, I was very happy to find the free cigar you included, many thanks. I'm looking forward to trying them out, but will give them some humidor time first. Best Regards, Roy." Roy from North Ferriby, Yorks, UK


"Just to let you know my shipment has just arrived. Thank you for a brilliant service, will try the cigars this afternoon." Chris in Preston, UK 

Another good customer:

7/08/2013: "Dear Sir, I just wanted to say that I am very happy with with the service you guys in the states are providing. I ordered some Baccarat cigars which arrived in perfect condition for which I am very grateful. So I have decided to continue purchasing, this time I have gone for some Rocky Patel Vintage cigars.  You would not believe how difficult it is to get decent non-cuban cigars in the UK.  I just wanted to give you guys some feed back.  Thanks a million.

Social Media Testimonials (screenshots to prove authenticity):

So, if you love cigars, and live in any UK town, city or village, like our great customers, in places like London's Hampstead, St Albans in Herts, Cardiff to Inverness and Newry or anywhere else in Great Britain, then please give our guaranteed cigar delivery service to the UK a try.

UK cigar customers are safe to shop with 100% confidence via our online store secured by McAfee Security; or by phone, and now - established customers may order via email. Your premium cigars ship to the UK the very same day.  You'll receive a tracking number delivered directly to your email inbox.

We welcome questions or concerns, so if you need any further details on our cigars delivered to the UK service, please feel free to:

give us a call on    + 1 703 838-5737.

Send us quick email. We're always very happy to take questions and we're here to provide cigar help or reccomendations, anytime!

P.S. A Nice Twitter mention from a UK customer...

cigars shipped to the uk image

Thanks & Enjoy!

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