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Dominican Barber Pole Toro Grande - Bundle of 20
October 7, 2015
These are a great cigar. Only complaint would be the uneven burn. Seems to follow the wrap as it burns. Other then that good value for the money.
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Reviewed by: Matthew
Tasty!!! February 10, 2015
I tried these for the first time last year while visiting the Dominican Republic. First time on this site and they were the first thing I saw. These are a MUST HAVE for me, really enjoyed them fresh from the Island and looking forward to these!
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Reviewed by: Onezay
October 23, 2014
This was my first purchase from Absolute Cigars and I was very happy with it. These are a nice cigars with a full body taste. It burns well from start to finish. You can't beat it for the price and don't mind sharing a few with friends. I just placed another order for the same brand, this time for the torpedo.
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Reviewed by: Perry Edwards
May 31, 2013
I was quite surprised how nice of a smoke these turned out to be! Great everyday cigar, a nice mild bodied smoke. Quite enjoyable for the price!!!!
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Reviewed by: ScottyG
Suprise August 27, 2012
This one surprised me. I bought them to have something cheap in handy, and because they looked fun. But the taste is actually good. Nothing fancy, but a pleasant, medium bodied cigar that can be enjoyed any time. And the draw is perfect.
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Reviewed by: Adrian

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