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Joya de Nicaragua Red Robusto - 5 Pack

Origin : Nicaragua
Joya de Nicaragua Red  Robusto - 5 Pack

From Halfwheel.com: "The Joya de Nicaragua Red Robusto tastes almost nothing like any of the rest of the cigars that Joya de Nicaragua makes, and that is most assuredly a good thing. It is exceptionally well balanced, with a great dark cocoa core to the profile that meshes well with the plum-like sweetness that is prevalent throughout the final two thirds and an interesting citrus tartness that shows up every once in a while. Add in the excellent price point and the wonderful draw on all samples, and this is a winner for Joya de Nicaragua no matter how you look at it.

A lot of people are going to be very pleasantly surprised by the Joya de Nicaragua Red Robusto cigar, and I think that is exactly what Joya de Nicaragua was trying to accomplish."

Price: US$32.00
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Joya de Nicaragua Red Robusto - Box of 20

Origin : Nicaragua
Joya de Nicaragua Red  Robusto - Box of 20

Joya de Nicaragua Red cigars, sometimes referred to jusrt as "Joya Red" is a vibrant medium-bodied premium cigar with a blend of Nicaraguan Jalapa, Condega, and Estli gorwn leaves, all premium tobaccos from Joya's beloved Nicaragua, that deliveres a well-balanced blend along with a medium-strength and an enthralling flavor profile of smooth nutty notes with subtle pepper notes.

As always Joya de Nicaragua Red cigars including Joya de Nicaragua Red Robusto cigars are available for international shipping.  Can track down Joya Red cigars in the United Kingdown?  Hard to find in Canada or Singapore? We've got you covered!  International Cigar delivery is fully guaranteed.

Price: US$112.00
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