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Rafael Gonzalez Cuban Cigar Box Warranty Seal T-shirt

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Rafael Gonzalez Cuban Cigar Box Warranty Seal T-shirt

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A classic Cuban collectible t-shirt displaying the Cuban cigar Garantia seal as is attached to all boxes of authentic Cuban cigars. The Habanos seal indicates: Republica de Cuba, Sello de Garantia Nacional de Procedencia. The graphic is screenprinted in superb quality on a high quality cotton t-shirt. This Habanos t-shirt is one of our most popular shirts among our Cuban cigar customers. Available in sizes M-L-XL-XXL. Please indicated size in Comments box on final page of Checkout.

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Country of Origin : Canada
Size: M-L-XL-XXL

Brand Profile

The Rafael Gonzalez cigars brand history goes back to 1936 when it was registered under the name La Flor de Marquez. The cigar line became very popular in the Spanish cigar market as a premium, mid-strength Cuban cigar.

Rafael Gonzalez Cuban cigars are produced in relatively small quantities and are characterized as very consistantly well-made cigars, medium to full flavoured, creamy and smooth with, toasted nut chocolate notes and spicy overtones.

An interesting aspect of the packaging of Rafael Gonzalez cuban cigars are the notes which appear on the cigar box:
"These cigars have been manufactured from a secret blend of pure Vuelta Abajo tobaccos selected by the Marquez Rafael Gonzalez, Grandee of Spain. For more than 20 years this brand has existed. In order that the Connoisseur may fully appreciate the perfect fragrance they should be smoked either within one month of the date of shipment from Havana or should be carefully matured for about one year."

About Habanos Cigars

Rafael Gonzalez is a brand within the range of Habanos cigars. The Habanos Denomination of Origin certification is applied to all cigars in which 100 per cent of the tobacco used in the cigar has been grown in Cuba. Likewise, it is an essential requirement that all cigars manufactured in Cuba are subjected to numerous quality control checks, both during the agricultural and curing process, as well as during all stages of manufacturing in the cigar factory.

The same rigorous procedures are applied to the selection of the appropriate leaves, quality control, of draw, of the true flavor of each of the Cuban cigar brand names and, finally, the quality of the cigar's appearance and presentation. The quality of the Habanos Cuban cigar is the result of the mystical union of four elements: soil, varieties of Cuban black tobacco, climate and the wisdom of Cuba's agricultural workers and cigar makers.

Numerous attempts to achieve the standards of authentic Cuban cigars in other areas of the world with seeds of Cuban origin have failed to attain the unequalled quality of genuine Cuban cigars. These same elements: the harmonious combination of the sun, the average temperature, atmospheric humidity, soil and subsoil composition are those which make the quality of the Cuban cigar, both in terms of agriculture and manufacturing, unique to Cuba. Therefore, the Habanos Cuban cigar trademark printed on the boxes of brand name Cuban cigars is the guarantee that these cigars are backed by Habanos Denomination of Origin Protection. This is a guarantee of quality and origin that is awarded to only the finest Cuban cigars manufactured in Cuba under the strictest quality control measures, with the best leaves selected from Cuba's tobacco regions.

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