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Romeo y Julieta Romeo y Julieta Vintage Cigar Label Prints - Framed

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Romeo y Julieta Romeo y Julieta Vintage Cigar Label Prints - Framed

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A unique collection of three vintage Romeo y Julieta cigar box label print reproductions. The top and bottom prints depict box labels dating circa 1890, with the center image depicting the circa 1900 Romeo y Julieta logo. These images are printed on thick high quality paper stock and are framed with double layered matting, and an attractive mahogany finish wooden frame. Click Details button to see close up views of the graphics. These Romeo y Julieta cigar art are reproductions of genuine vintage Romeo y Julieta cigar box labels.

This collectible Romeo y Julieta art is available for worldwide shipping. Questions about any of our cigar art? Call Toll free anytime, 866 838-9463.
Country of Origin : Canada
Size: 12 x 24
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Brand Profile

The Romeo y Julieta cigar brand was established in 1875 by Inocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia, this Cuban cigar brand immediately showed its quality when it was purchased by Pepin Hernandez Rodriquez by winning gold medals in four expositions between 1885 and 1900.

Romeo y Julieta cigars reached new heights though after its acquisition in 1903 by Jose Rodriguez Fernandez, known as Pepin.

Named for the lovers in William Shakespeare's tragedy of the same name (written circa 1596), the Romeo y Julieta Cuban cigar brand also is traditionally credited with the introduction of the Churchill shape in honour of the British statesman Winston Churchill.

Fernandez promoted the Romeo y Julieta cigar brand with endless energy and at one time, his Rodriguez, Arguelles y Cia. factory produced upward of 2,000 different cigar bands, personalized for their very best customers.

Fernandez died at age 88 in 1954, but his efforts survive him as his full-flavoured Romeo y Julieta brand is one of the most widely known and appreciated cigars in the world today.

This world famous Cuban cigar brand offers a wide range of cigar smoking experiences to the Habanos cigar aficionado, with various cigar sizes and shapes whose strength goes from medium to high. Romeo y Julieta cigars provide smokers with a unique and exquisite aroma and a pleasing palate, lots of cedar, leather notes and spice, with notably sweet with elegant floral notes. A full flavoured Cuban cigar, which, for those with a quality humidor (and patience!), is an excellent cigar to age.

About Habanos Cigars

Cohiba is a brand within the range of Habanos cigars. The Habanos Denomination of Origin certification is applied to all cigars in which 100 per cent of the tobacco used in the cigar has been grown in Cuba. Likewise, it is an essential requirement that all cigars manufactured in Cuba are subjected to numerous quality control checks, both during the agricultural and curing process, as well as during all stages of manufacturing in the cigar factory.

The same rigorous procedures are applied to the selection of the appropriate leaves, quality control, of draw, of the true flavor of each of the Cuban cigar brand names and, finally, the quality of the cigar's appearance and presentation. The quality of the Habanos Cuban cigar is the result of the mystical union of four elements: soil, varieties of Cuban black tobacco, climate and the wisdom of Cuba's agricultural workers and cigar makers.

Numerous attempts to achieve the standards of authentic Cuban cigars in other areas of the world with seeds of Cuban origin have failed to attain the unequalled quality of genuine Cuban cigars. These same elements: the harmonious combination of the sun, the average temperature, atmospheric humidity, soil and subsoil composition are those which make the quality of the Cuban cigar, both in terms of agriculture and manufacturing, unique to Cuba. Therefore, the Habanos Cuban cigar trademark printed on the boxes of brand name Cuban cigars is the guarantee that these cigars are backed by Habanos Denomination of Origin Protection. This is a guarantee of quality and origin that is awarded to only the finest Cuban cigars manufactured in Cuba under the strictest quality control measures, with the best leaves selected from Cuba's tobacco regions.

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