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Bahia Gold Beer Buddy Lighter, with Bottle Opener, Official Release

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Bahia Gold Beer Buddy Lighter, with Bottle Opener, Official Release

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The Bahia Logo Beer Buddy Torch Lighter is a premium quality jet lighter, with a bottle opener incorporated into the body!  Manufacturered by none other than Lotus, one of the premium names in cigar lighters.  

The Bahia Lighter is a jet torch flame unit, with an external housing made of solid sturdy melamine as well as stainless steel.  Unit has a flip top that is secured by a spring loaded push-button lid release trigger.  A flame adjustment wheel is located in the base as is the butan refill nozzle.

This is an Official Release product from Bahia, with only a limited production run.  The Bahia Cigars Logo Lighters ship in original OEM Bahia logo branded packaging.  These will sell out quickly.  Worldwide delivery available, as always.

Country of Origin : United States
Size: N/A Strength: N/A

Brand Profile

Tony Borhani and Don Douglas took two full years to develop Bahia Gold cigars, targetting the experienced cigar aficionado with a full bodied premium cigar. Bahia Gold represent the smallest production of Bahia Cigars totaling just 300,000 cigars each year. The filler and the binder come from a very small farm in the Dominican Republic, while the cigar wrapper is selected from the wrapper leaves in Ecuador. This is a full bodied, strong cigar.

Rich, Bahia Gold cigars are box-pressed Nicaraguan-made premium cigars and are known as Bahia's flagship cigar. Bahia Gold cigars are blended with 4-5 year aged Dominican Cuban seed Ligero, Seco & Viso tobaccos with 4 yr-aged Ecuadorian Sun-grown Sumatra wrappers and aged for 1 year after rolling. Bahia Gold cigars are superbly balanced rich, complex and full-bodied producing lots of thick, hearty smoke.

Toni Borhani outspoken head of Bahia cigars is known as a pioneer of the vintage concept of tobacco leaves for cigar production. Borhani is a believer that the idea of terroir - the French term used by vintners to describe the effect that a particular parcel of earth has on the taste of its fruits - applies to tobacco leaf as well as grapes. “I was in the wine business, and when I got into cigars, I realized that the process of making a premium cigar is similar to that of wine. The idea of declaring a vintage, like they do in Champagne, was really appealing and made sense. So I started exploring the idea of using one year’s harvest to make a cigar when that harvest is really exceptional.” The very first one was a lucky happenstance: when Bahia started up in the cigar boom year of 1995, the only leaf available was from 1988 - which just happened to be an outstanding crop from the famous Perez family farm in Nicaragua.

Borhani actually has two different sets of vintage years: one for his natural-wrapped cigars (1988, 1990, 1992, 1996, and 1998) and one for maduros (1993, 1998). The natural cigars’ vintages are declared based on the tobacco used for the filler and binder, whereas the maduro vintages are assigned based on the wrappers. “We have used Connecticut seed wrapper for the natural vintage because that wrapper is somewhat neutral in flavor, and allows the vintage in the blend to show itself,” Borhani explains. “The flavor in that cigar is a representation of the filler and binder. The wrapper doesn’t hide or overpower the characteristics. The maduro is the opposite: "we declare the vintage based on the Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, because it’s so flavorful." Vintage maduro years have been few and far between compared to vintage natural years.

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