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Camacho Havana 3 Cigar Case - Luxury Leather

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Camacho Havana 3 Cigar Case - Luxury Leather

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Camacho produced these Camacho Cigar Cases in about 2010 and we recently found a few in the warehouse.   These are luxury cases made with fine perforated leather with the old vintage Camacho Cigars logo.  Very cool and certainly a collectors item for any Camacho cigar fan, as the company rebranded a few years ago with an ultra modern logo, so anythign with the old Camacho logo is now impossible to find.  This case is a two part sleeve style cigar case that holds and protects three cigars, up to a 7 inches length and approximately a 50-52 ring gauge.

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Country of Origin : United States
Size: N/A Strength: N/A

Brand Profile

The Camacho Havana cigar line brings back the blend characteristics of vintage Havana cigars. A Habano Criollo wrapper, authentic Corojo binder and filler tobaccos are all grown in the Jamastran valley of Honduras by the Eiroa family, a region where perfect soil and ideal climate compare to Cuba’s famed Vuelta Abajo Region.

The Camacho Havana line mellows the Corojo blend with the use of the Criollo wrapper resulting in what's a superb medium to full-bodied premium cigar.

From the very beginning, the Camacho name has been known for an intensity of pleasure unleashed. If Camacho were to have a soundtrack, well let's just say that it'd be loud! Loud enough to wake up those neighbors and to make the big dogs howl. Subtle? Austere? Pretentious? Not Camacho. Pure power, that's delivered with skill and real passion.

These aren’t your Grandpa’s cigars.  Camacho cigars are full color, all American style cigars that bring you full frontal, all out flavor that's just amped-up to a level that old school cigars just don't even attempt to reach. Camacho pitches it like this - if you’re gonna have a cigar, have a damn cigar.

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