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Camacho Blackout Churchill - 5 Pack

Origin : Honduras Length : 7 Ring Gauge : 48 Shape : Churchill Strength : Medium-Full

A Limited Edition release from Camacho, available while supplies last.  Camacho Blackout Churchill cigars are hand-crafted using a unique process known as “press fermentation” which ensures that the dark & oily Honduran wrapper leaves on these limited edition cigars delivers the most intense flavor possible. Featuring top grade Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos from four different harvest years, these handcrafted cigars give a solid dose of dark, sweet, rich  and well-aged goodness with each and every draw. Going even further, these special cigars have been resting for an additional two years before being released and shipping to us. Don't miss out on these classic limited-edition beauties

Camacho Blackout Churchill cigars are available for worldwide cigar delivery.

Price: US$54.00

Camacho Blackout 3 Cigar Case - Luxury Leather

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A

Camacho produced these Camacho Cigar Cases in about 2010 and we recently found a few in the warehouse.   These are luxury cases made with fine perforated leather with the old vintage Camacho Cigars logo.  Very cool and certainly a collectors item for any Camacho cigar fan, as the company rebranded a few years ago with an ultra modern logo, so anythign with the old Camacho logo is now impossible to find.  This case is a two part sleeve style cigar case that holds and protects three cigars, up to a 7 inches length and approximately a 50-52 ring gauge.

All cigar accessories are available for International shipping.

Price: US$49.00
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