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CAO Amazon Basin Anaconda - Box of 20

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CAO Amazon Basin Anaconda - Box of 20

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The Anaconda marks the third and final cigar in the CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy.  One of the rarest cigars we are able to source - CAO Amazon Basin was a limited-edition cigar that first came to market in 2014. It was striking in its roughly-hewn rustic box and twine-like tobacco tied around each cigar. It returned last year for another limited-edition run of three unique CAO cigars:  the CAO Amazon Basin, the Fuma em Cordo and finally the Anaconda.
In stock while supplies last, CAO Anaconda cigar is now available while supplies last. Extremely rare, only 3000 produced for worldwide distribution. We get requests every day and they are finally here.
Containing Brazilian tobaccos that have undergone old fermentation techniques native to the Amazon, CAO Amazon Basin Anaconda is enrobed in a Honduran colorado wrapper and contains a Cameroon binder with filler from Honduras, Nicaragua and Brazil. The Brazilian tobacco is the highlight of the blend—a mix of both Bragança and Arapiraca leaves.
The CAO Anaconda cigar is available for delivery worldwide.
Country of Origin : Honduras
Cigar length: 6 Ring Gauge: 52 Size: Toro Strength: Medium-Full
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Brand Profile

The CAO Amazon Basin cigar is a blend created using the extremely rare Brazilian Braganca tobacco, grown only in the Amazon.  The initial release of CAO Amazon, in 2014, sold out immediately, and we've spend just about every day since taking requests to availability on more.  The follow-up release is again in a single vitola, a 6 x 52 Toro which is rated a 90 by the terrific cigar publication, Cigar Journal who commented, The CAO Amazon Basin cigar is "lightly spicy, with a delicate, chocolaty sweetness that's balanced by gently bitter notes of cacoa, coffee and hazelnut.  This cigar is harmoniously blended, smooth and multifaceted.  Medium to full bodied."
As always, the CAO Amazon Basin Toro cigar is guaranteed for delivery worldwide.
From CAO:
"At CAO we love creating cigars with unique tobacco. And so a few years ago, when we heard a story about a photographer taking photos of tobacco farmers around the world, it naturally piqued our interest.
She had been in Brazil, the story went, taking shots of the tobacco for CAO Brazilia, when one of the farmers told her that to find some really unique leaves, she should journey into the Amazon. 
So she did. And there, in the heart of the rainforest, she found a rare, small batch of tobacco called ‘Braganca’.
When we got a sample of it, we knew we had to build a cigar around it -- a cigar that would become Amazon Basin.
Shaped by the Rainforest
The conditions of the rainforest make the taste of the Braganca leaf unique, and they make its cultivation unique as well. 
It’s grown organically to conserve the pristine environment of the rainforest, and it’s harvested infrequently. That’s one reason why we’ve only been able to make such a limited quantity of the cigar.
It’s also planted unconventionally. In traditional tobacco cultivation, the plants are arranged in neat rows. Not so with the Braganca plants -- the forest dictates that they be planted wherever sunlight is available.
Waiting Until They're Ready
Once harvested, the leaves embark on a unique fermentation process.
First, they’re hand rolled into tubes called carottes, as shown in the video above.
Then, they’re wrapped in a thick rope and placed in sheds where they undergo six months of natural fermentation.
From Forest to Cigar
After fermentation, it takes four to six weeks to transport the leaves to the factory.
They’re carried by hand to the river, put into canoes, rowed to the mainland, then driven to the port and shipped to Nicaragua. 
There, the leaves are combined with tobacco from five different countries. The band, made of natural leaf itself, takes far longer to make and apply than traditional bands, but for a cigar as unique as Amazon Basin, it’s worth all the effort."

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