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CAO LX2 Belicoso - Box of 20

Origin : Nicaragua Length : 6 1/2 Ring Gauge : 52 Shape : Belicoso, 6 1/2 x 52

CAO LX2 Belicoso cigars is a ligero-heavy powerhouse cigar with a full-bodied flavor profile. CAO LX2 cigars feature a sun grown Nicaraguan wrapper, Honduran binder, and two different ligero fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The CAO LX2 boasts a bold, muscular texture but also shows flavors of bittersweet chocolate, paprika, and woody tobacco notes that fan out superbly on the palate.

Questions about CAO Lx2 Belicoso cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. worldwide delivery on all CAO Lx2 cigars.

Price: US$175.00

CAO MX2 CAO America Hat

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : Fits all

Unique CAO America cigars hat Top quality hat with navy blue bill and deep red thick embroidered CAO cigars logo on front, and white stars on the side. Peak is pre-shaped style & hat is fully adjustable with a velcro tab on the back which is itself embroidered with the 'America' text logo.

Click Details link for other images. Questions about CAO cigar hats? Call toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all cigar clothing.

Price: US$24.00
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Casa Magna Torito, Box of 27

Origin : Nicaragua Length : 4 3/4 Ring Gauge : 60 Shape : Torito Strength : Medium-Full

From the brand that earned Number 1 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado, comes the Casa Magna Torito cigar.  A medium-to-full bodied Nicaraguan puro produced through a collaboration between Fonseca's Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plascencia.  All Nicaraguan tobaccos deliver a tremendous depth and complexity; a clean and crisp sweetness; and toasty aromas. All this is wrapped in a rare Cuban seed ligero wrapper leaf with a great sheen and oiliness.

Questions about the Casa Magna Colorado Torito?  Call or E-mail us anytime!  Worldwide cigar delivery is available on all Casa Magna cigars.

Price: US$162.00
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Cohiba Red Dot Robusto Fino - Box of 25

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 4 3/4 Ring Gauge : 47 Shape : Robusto Strength : Mild-Medium

The Dominican Cohiba Robusto Fino cigar is an exquisite cigar with an esteemed reputation for absolute quality and rich flavor. A true icon of a cigar, the Cohiba Red Dot Corona is rich tasting, perfectly balanced and creamy-smooth, with a toasty aroma. The smoke is toasty and dry, with some woody flavors. Mild to medium bodied, the Dominican Cohiba Red Dot is a deeply satisfying cigar, rich in flavor and that won't not overpower. This blend took years to develop. This famous cigar is made with a toothy Cameroon wrapper and aged mixture of Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano tobaccos, the Cohiba Red Dot blend is the standard by which other Dominican cigars are measured.

Questions about Cohiba Robusto Fino cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Cohiba Red Dot cigars.

Price: US$288.00
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Winston Churchill, by Davidoff No. 10, Five Pack

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 5 1/4 Ring Gauge : 52 Shape : 5 1/4 x 52
Davidoff pays homage to the world's best known cigar smoker, Sir Winston Churchill, by creating a new line of super premium cigars, the Davidoff Winston Churchill.

Davidoff created four cigar sizes, each named for a significant place and chapter which affected and formed Mr. Churchill's remarkable life. Davidoff blended the Winston Churchill to be a rich, full-bodied cigar. The binder is a Dominican Yamasa, while 5 tobaccos are blended to create the filler. The dark, Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper provides the perfect amount of strength and complexity a connoisseur looks for.

Questions about Davidoff Winston Churchill No. 10 cigars? Call toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Davidoff cigars.
Price: US$80.95

Don Tomas Clasico Toro, Natural - Box of 25

Origin : Honduras Length : 5 1/2 Ring Gauge : 46 Shape : Toro Strength : Mild
Don Tomas Toro cigars are famous for mild to medium bodied taste and silky cigar construction. A blend of Havana seed tobaccos gathered from four nations come together to deliver a full flavored cigar smoking experience. This is a 100% handmade long-filler premium cigar delivering flavors of coffee, toast, and spice. Don Tomas Classico cigars are one of our best selling cigars.

Questions about Don Tomas Toro cigars? Call toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Don Tomas cigars cigars!
Price: US$141.00

El Rey del Mundo Coronation, Natural - Box of 20

Origin : Honduras Length : 8 1/2 Ring Gauge : 52 Shape : 8 1/2 x 52 Strength : Medium-Full

El Rey de Mundo Coronation cigars offer deep flavors in a suberbly constructed cigar with a flawless burn and easy draw. One of our best selling Honduran cigars, and at a great price!

Questions about El Rey del Mundo Coronation cigars? Call Toll free anytime 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all El Rey del Mundo cigars.

Price: US$143.00
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Gispert Toro - Box of 25 - Rated 90!

Origin : Honduras Length : 6 Ring Gauge : 50 Shape : Toro Strength : Mild

Handmade in Honduras, the Gispert line has a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado.  Gispert Toro cigars will delight even the seasoned cigar connoisseur. Tasty with subtle white chocolate notes with a nice creaminess and a toasty finish.  Beautifully packaged in terrific looking red varnished box, Gispert cigars are crafted with a unique blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan grown long filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder and a rich Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed cigar wrapper.

Questions about Gispert Toro cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Gispert cigars.

Price: US$135.00
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Griffins by Davidoff Perfecto - 5 Pack

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 4 5/8 Ring Gauge : 52 Shape : Perfecto Strength : Mild

A new size for Griffin's cigars! A delicately spiced medium strength perfecto, perfectly shaped. Griffins cigars are among the very best Dominican cigars available. Superb handmade cigars by any standard. Filler includes 3 different Cibao Valley tobaccos, a Dominican binder and Connecticut wrapper deliver a mild flavor with notes of nut.

Worldwide delivery on Griffin's perfecto cigars. Questions about Griffin's cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463.

Price: US$54.00
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Guantanamera Miami Anniversary X, Salamones - 5 Pack

Origin : USA Length : 7 Ring Gauge : 54 Shape : Salamones, 7 x 54
A beautiful and luxurious cigar, perfect for a great occasion, the Guantanamera Salamones cigar is rich and bold in flavor with notable tropical aromas. Guantanamera cigars are known for their balance, smooth draw and excellent contruction with a fine textured wrapper.

Questions about Guantanamera Salamones cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Guantanamera cigars.
Price: US$40.00