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Acid Kuba Kuba - Box of 24

Origin : Nicaragua Length : 5 Ring Gauge : 54 Shape : Robusto Grande Strength : Mild-Medium

The Acid Kuba Kuba Cigar is stocky robusto that is handmade in Nicaragua by Drew Estates. Sweet and medium bodied, the Kuba Kuba is an aromatic cigar made of a unique blend of herbs and botanicals that will push your senses beyond almost any cigar we carry.  A truly unique cigar smoking experience.  Handmade to the finest standards of cigar construction from some of the finest tobaccos in Nicaragua delivering a one-of-a-kind flavor and aroma.

Questions about Acid Kuba Kuba Cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Acid Blue cigars!

Price: US$181.00
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Arturo Fuente Cuban Coronas Maduro - Box of 25

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 5 1/4 Ring Gauge : 45 Shape : Corona Strength : Mild-Medium

The Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Maduro is a smooth full bodied smoke, that's a great choice for a quick Fuente smoke that's medium in strength, pleasingly smooth and really nicely balanced.  Comprised of carefully aged Dominican tobaccos in a blend that really delivers -  a toasty, nutty core with gentle notes of spice with a rich earthiness.

A legendary handrolled cigar brand that boasts consistency, quality, outstanding flavor, and flawless construction, with over 100 years of expertise and cigar making tradition leading the Fuente family to countless award-winning releases with 90+ cigar ratings.  Arturo Fuente cigars are available in just about every shape and size, and are finished in a range of wrapper options, all available for international cigar shipping here.  Yes, our Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Maduro cigars and all our fine cigars ship internationally to just about anywhere you may be. Check out our testimonials from other cigar lovers in your country!
Price: US$131.00

Arturo Fuente Canones, Natural - 5 Pack

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 8 1/2 Ring Gauge : 52 Shape : Gigante Strength : Mild-Medium

A smooth full bodied smoke, that as the name suggests is a large stick...a cannon fully loaded with flavor!  Arturo Fuente Canones Natural cigars are superbly crafted 8 1/2 x 52 ring Dominican cigars that are mild to medium in strength, wonderfully smooth and well-balanced.  This big smoke delivers a toasty, nutty core with plenty of cream and gentle hints of spice in a blend made with care from years long aged Dominican tobaccos.

Having a selection of Arturo Fuente cigars in your humidor should really not be optional if you're a fan of premium Dominican cigars!  This legendary handrolled cigar brand boasts consistent quality, outstanding flavor, and flawless construction.  Arturo Fuente cigars are rolled in just about every common shape and size, finished in a variety of wrapper options, and available for global cigar shipping here.  Yes, our Arturo Fuente Canones cigars and all our cigars ship to Hong Kong and virtually every country in the world.  Of course all our Arturo Fuente cigar 5 packs ship with a Boveda humipack, for guaranteed cigar freshness!
Price: US$44.00

Arturo Fuente Chateau Double Chateau - Maduro - Box of 20

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 6 3/4 Ring Gauge : 50 Shape : Double Corona Strength : Medium

The Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente Maduro cigar is a smooth full bodied smoke. the Fuente family uses only the highest quality vintage tobaccos and hand workmanship for the Chateau Fuente line, making them a blend of art and hand-craftsmanship.

Questions about Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Arturo Fuente cigars cigars.

Price: US$182.00

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 4 - Box of 25

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 5 1/8 Ring Gauge : 43 Shape : Figurado Strength : Medium-Full

A mini belicoso, the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 4 cigars are defined by their superb construction with rare vintage tobaccos. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars are among the finest cigars rolled by Arturo Fuente. These are full bodied, rich and flavorful handcrafted cigars, with a flawless dark Cameroon wrapper that seeps with oil.

Order Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 4 cigars securely via our site or call, or email or contact us via social media, anytime!  Of course, Global cigar delivery is always available on all Don Carlos cigars.

Price: US$203.00

Ashton Churchill - Box of 25

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 7 1/2 Ring Gauge : 52 Shape : Churchill Strength : Mild-Medium

Ashton Churchill cigars are big, solid cigars with a terrific smooth and oily wrapper.  These premium churchills have a rich and creamy flavor, along with hints of nut and sweet coffee notes. A mild to medium-bodied blend of 3-4 year old Dominican tobaccos, and sporting a rich golden Connecticut-shade wrapper leaf, that all comes together to create an extremely well blended rich taste.

Intertnational delivery is available on Ashton Churchill cigars.  Need more info on Ashton Cigars?  Call or email us anytime, 24-7.

Price: US$272.00
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Ashton Double Magnum - 5 Pack

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 6 Ring Gauge : 50 Shape : Corona Gorda Strength : Mild-Medium

Ashton Double Magnum cigars are a blend of select Dominican tobaccos that are carefully aged for at least three to four years and showcase a rich and golden Connecticut-shade wrapper that will delight you palate throughout the smoke.  100% handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, the construction deivers a perfect draw.  Ashton Classic remains an enduring sensation as one of the most versatile and approachable cigars in the market. 3 to 4 year old Dominican tobacco, along with its rich golden Connecticut shade wrapper creates an extremely well blended rich taste. Rated 89 by Cigar Aficionado.

Questions about Ashton Double Magnum cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Ashton cigars.

Price: US$53.00
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Ashton VSG Corona Gorda - 4 Pack

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 5 3/4 Ring Gauge : 46 Shape : Corona Gorda

Ashton Cabinet VSG Corona Gorda cigars have been rated 91 by Cigar Aficionado! We rarely get these fine cigars, so get 'em while they last! The Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown) line is hand crafted by Arturo Fuente and is the ultimate Ashton cigar. A medium to full-bodied Dominican cigar with a superb balance and depth of flavour.

Questions about Ashton VSG Corona Gorda cigars? Call toll free or e-mail us anytime! Worldwide delivery on all Ashton VSG cigars.

Price: US$75.00
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Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition SOA vs. Mayans MC Cigar Sampler

Origin : Nicaragua Length : Various Ring Gauge : Various Shape : Various Strength : Medium
Our unique Sons of Anarchy vs. Mayans MC cigar sampler!  You get the following MC branded cigars manufactured by Black Crown Cigars and CAO:
SOA Torpedo
SOA SAMCRO Clubhouse Edition Toro
Mayans MC CAO Flathead Steel Horse
Mayans MC Gordo
CAO Flathead Apehanger
All available for worldwide cigar delivery, as always.             


Price: US$46.00
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Cohiba Royale Unique Humidor & Ashtray Desktop Unit

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A
An Official Cohiba release, and one of the most unique Cohiba items we've ever seen.  This is an elegant, painted humidor and ashtray combination that functions in a truly unique way - with a sliding cigar rest which, went not in use, slides to cover the stainless ashtray, thereby allowing access to the humidor section, allowing you to open and close the humidor lid.  Sliding the cigar rest to the right covers the humidor lid, exposes the ashtray and locates the cigar rest in place to use the ashtray.  The sliding motion is amazingly smooth and the unit is engineered so that there is no friction point or contact with the humidor lid, therefore no scratching over time.
Finished in a high-gloss that accentuates the Cohiba trademark logo.  You'll be proud to display this in your home, office, or bar.  The humidor holds 5 robusto sized cigars, or 4 churchills, so this is very much a desktop small storage option and not your main cigar storage humidor.  Measures approx 14 x 4 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches.  A great desktop talking piece, perfect for storage of a handful of special occasion cigars. Made of solid Spanish cedar. The lid hinges are silver colored stainless steel.  The exterior base is lined with black felt to protect your table or desk surface.
Ships in original official OEM Cohiba packaging (see photo), which is a simple cardboard carton showing the official General Cigar Company, Inc. text, bar code, manufacturing codes, and "Product of Nicaragua" text.
These humidors were one-time limited production run.  We received only a small supply and they will sell out.  Once gone, they will become a valued and sought after collectible due to the Cohiba branding but also the uniqueness of this item.  Simply a must-have for fans of the Cohiba cigar brand, it's famous cigars and legendary history.
Price: US$89.00
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