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Cigar Caddy Camo Edition - 15 Cigar Case

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Cigar Caddy Camo Edition - 15 Cigar Case

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The Camo version of the 15 cigar Cigar Caddy is perfect for the outdoorsman.  It's waterproof to 100 feet and being airtight it floats and is fully crushproof.  This is among the most rugged cases you can find - go ahead and drive your car over it!  The Cigar Caddy Camo case will keep cigars protected and humidified for an extended period of time. A top and bottom layer of protective foam inside the case gives your cigars the best protection ever for a rugged travel case.  Holds 15 churchills, and measures 9.25 x 5 x 4.25 inches.

Questions about The Camo Cigar Caddy? Call us or email anytime.  All out cigar travel cases are available for worldwide delivery.

Country of Origin : United States
Size: 9.25 x 5 x 4.25 Strength: N/A

Brand Profile

The Cigar Caddy travel humidor is one of the best, most rugged cigar cases on the planet. Take your cigars anywhere with the Cigar Caddy.

From the 2-cigar model that's perfect for a golf game, to the 15 cigar model, we have cigar cases that are perfect for your lifestyle. The Cigar Caddy Cases are the perfect travel humidors designed for people on the go and outdoorsmen looking for the very best protection for premium cigars.

Cigar Caddy Travel Humidors have long been considered to be among the very best, most rugged and durable travel cases on the market.  Whether your interests are hunting, boating, golfing, camping, angling or any outdoor activity, the renowned Cigar Caddy Cases are the best solution to protect your premium cigars from the elements and maintain them in perfect smoking condition.

The water-proof and crush-proof Cigar caddy humidors maintain your cigars at peak humidity and absolute freshness for even weeks.  Fully airtight, so they'll float! In fact, all Cigar Caddy cases are waterproof and are fully guaranteed to protect cigars at water depths of up to 100 feet. These solid travel humidors can be tossed into your golfbag, tackle box or glove compartment.

Cigar Caddy cases are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.  Whether you want to carry just a couple of cigars to a golf game or take 10 or 15 premium cigars on a camping outing or a fishing trip.  Cigar Caddy has a travel humidor that covers any cigar travelling requirement.

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