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Cigar Care Items

Classic 15 Rare, Unique & High Value Empty Cigar Boxes

Origin : Dominican Republic
Classic 15 Rare, Unique & High Value Empty Cigar Boxes

This is a mix of 15 high value, prestige empty cigar boxes. They are valuable for either their superior wood working; beauty; or their scarcity; or may be a discontinued brand therefore sought after by collectors; or may be large boxes. Some may serve as actual humidors. These are boxes which would typically sell individually for $10-$15. All boxes are in excellent condition with seals sliced, not torn, and little or no scratches. Boxes included are our choice, and your empty box order will include an assortment of box styles, plus we make every effort to ensure you do not receive duplicate boxes. No returns please.

We currently have a short waiting list, so all orders are fulfilled on 'as available' basis in the order they are receieved. Ship charge will be based on your location.Questions about empty cigars boxes? Call toll free 866 838-9463.

Price: US$99.00
Size: 15 Rare Boxes
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Csonka Smoker Cloaker Air Purifier - 1,000+ sq. ft.

Origin : United States
Csonka Smoker Cloaker Air Purifier - 1,000+ sq. ft.

The Csonka Smoker Cloaker Super Air Purifier completely eliminates lingering smoke odors. Uses a process of ozonation working on a molecular level to efficiently eliminate airborne contaminants in 1,000+ sq. ft (40-60 sq. meters). Maintenance free, 110v (220) AC operation.  The Csonka Super model is highly effective for the elimination of odors from any and all sources including: smoke, pet odors, chemicals, healthcare environments, culinary areas, and more. This is the model of choice for use in homes as well as small businesses and even commercial facilities. When you have any requirement for rapid air cleaning, or you have a large odors issue, the Csonka Super model is the system you need.

Price: US$349.00
Size: N/A

Csonka Csonka Accu-Right Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Origin : Afghanistan
Csonka Csonka Accu-Right Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Highest quality from the folks at Csonka. This unit is the standard in compact, high tech, affordable digital gauges. It's one of the most accurate guages we've seen, with computer ranging for accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity. This attractive unit is made in the USA and we guarantee it's quality.

Questions about any of our cigar accessories? Call us anytime Toll free 866 838-9463. We're always pleased to help!

Price: US$32.00