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Cuban Partagas Factory Sign Ballcap

Origin : Canada Shape : Fits All

Now in stock! This is a stunningly embroidered Partagas hat, featuring an 18,000 stitch embroidered reproduction of the world famous Partagas Factory Sign. Click details link for image of the actual factory sign in Havana, Cuba. Hat is a high quality black hat with red contrast stitching, a sandwich style pre-curved peak, matching adjustable back-strap with antique silver ring buckle. These are a Limited run hat, with only 1,000 produced worldwide.

Questions about the Partagas ballcap? Call toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all cigar clothing and cigar hats.

Price: US$24.95
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Habanos Cuban Cigar Warranty Seal Print - Matted

Origin : Canada Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 8 x 10

The quintessential Cuban cigar image - The Cuban Cigar Warranty Seal is attached to all boxes of genuine Cuban cigars. This is the 1990s version of the famed Habanos Warranty Box Seal graphic.  It's printed on thick high quality paper stock and comes matted in an 8 x 10 matting with an inner matting border. Click Details button to see a close up view of the Cigar Warranty Seal graphic. This classic Habanos art is one of the most popular prints we have available. The print is a reproduction of a genuine seal that was attached to a box of Trinidad Fundadores cigars, circa 1996.  Frame shown is for reference purposes only.  Print ships matted, not framed, and is ready to be dropped into your own frame of choice.

The Cuban Cigar Seal print is available for worldwide shipping, as are all our fine cigar art pieces.  Have questions about any of our cigar art? Call, email or contact us on social media anytime, 24-7!

Price: US$24.95
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5 Vegas Classic Humidor, 100 Cigar Capacity

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 13.5W x 9.5D x 6.25H

The 5 Vegas Humidor is full of color and superb graphic, starting with the front which features a beautiful vista portraying the rich history and tradition of the famed 5 Vegas cigar brand. The Lid displays the classic 5 Vegas logo, whicle the sides are equally nice, boasting vibrant colors and high-detail artwork. This is a unique humidor created to capture the tyrue essence of handrolled cigar making. The 5 Vegas Tradition humidor has a 100 cigar capacity and is fully lined with Spanish cedar. The unit has a lift-out cedar tray and three dividers, all Spanish cedar. Other accessories include a large rectabgle humidifer and an analog hygrometer. The lid is attached with high quality quadrant hinges, and SureSeal technology insures optimum humidity control. The box bottom has scratch resistant felt. Full outside dimensions are 13.5"W x 9.5"D x 6.25"H.

Questions about the eye-catching 5 Vegas Cigar Humidor? Call or email anytime! Worldwide delivery on all cigar humidors.

International customers will be contacted after order is submitted with any revised ship rate and given the option to accept the revised rate or cancel the humidor portion of the order.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this requirement.

Price: US$164.00
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Romeo by Romeo y Julieta Commemorative Humidor for #3 Cigar of the Year

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : Full

The Romeo by Romeo y Julieta 50 Cigar Humidor is an absolutely unique and colorful cigar humidor that honors one of the very best Dominican cigars to have hit the market in recent years - The Romeo by Romeo y Julieta Pyramide, which was rated a huge 94 by Cigar Aficionado, who also designated this gem as the #3 Cigar of the Year.

These humidors were one-time limited production run units that were created to hold exactly 50 of these terrific cigars. This sale is for the humidor only, and no cigars are included. 

This is an elegant, painted mahogany humidor, finished in a semi gloss that accentuates the trademark red and white contrast paint design of the Romeo by Romeo cigar brand.  A humidor that captures the style of the unique cigar boxes of this premium cigar line with a design with square edges on all sides, except the lid front edge which is rounded giving this collectors item humidor a highly attractive presence in any room.  You'll be proud to display this in your home, office, or bar.   The unit holds 50 six inch cigars, or about 60 robustos, 70 coronas, etc., and measures 10 x 8 x 5 7/8 inches.  The unit Includes an inner fully removable solid spanish cedar cigar tray, plus a magnet mounted humidifier which mounts to the inner lid.  The lid hinges are gold colored finished brass quadrant hinges.  The exterior base is lined with black felt to protect your table or desk surface.

Simply a must-have for fans of the Romeo y Julieta cigar brand, it's famous cigars and legendary history.

Price: US$149.00
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El Rey del Mundo Glass Ashtray

Origin : Honduras Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A

A classic El Rey del Mundo Ashtray, made of solid glass displaying the El Rey del Mundo logo in the center. This sturdy ERDM logo ashtray has cigar rests and is made of thick solid glass, with styled grooves on all four sides giving it a classic vintage ashtray look and feel.

The El Rey del Mundo graphic in the coenter displays the traditional ERDM King of the World figure waving a "Marca Indep[endiente" banner; medal award graphics, coat of arms with sub-title "Proveedor de la Real Casa"; and all under the heading in large text "El Rey Del Mundo".  Full dimensions are 7 x 7 x 1 3/4 inches.

A great gift for any cigar aficionado!  As always, all our fine El Rey del Mundo cigar accessories are available for worldwide delivery.

Price: US$39.00
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Romeo y Julieta 1875 Logo Quad Jet Lighter, By Lotus

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A
This Romeo y Julieta Jet Torch Lighter has a terrific design with a solid metal housing finished in a semi gloss Ferrari red, accented by matte black colored top, base and trigger.  
Single action ignition via the trigger pops open the spring-loaded cap exposing the four jet torch burners.  The base includes a spring-loaded punch style cigar cutter activated by a trigger mechanism on the side of the lighter.  Flame height is fully adjustable by a control in the base.  
Unit ships with no fuel.
Worldwide delivery on all Romeo y Julieta cigar accessories including this limited production Romeo y Julieta cigar lighter.
Price: US$19.00
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Nub Cigars Logo Heavy Duty Travel Case, Holds 5-8 Cigars

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A

If you love Nubs or just need a super-solid cigar travel case, this one's for you. A rugged heavy-duty cigar case that is waterproof and virtually indestructible!

With the Nub Cigars logo attached to the lid, this unit holds five cigars up to a churchill size, or, for you Nub fans out there, it'll hold eight Nubs perfectly. The interior is lined with foam padding in the base as well as the lid, providing thick protection for your valuable sticks. Embedded in the lid foam is a 1 inch diameter humidifier to generate all the humidity you'll need for a day out with your premium cigars. With these cases we also like to travel with a small piece of rough-cut humidified Spanish Cedar in the case, just to add another element of humidity as well as the terrific Spanish Cedar aroma. As a bonus we're adding that Spanish Cedar to this offer. So it's simply a 3-4 inch rough cut Spanish Cedar plank. Use it when you're travelling with just a few sticks, or don't if the case is full.

With its patented design, this is one of the strongest cases we've ever seen. You could throw it against a wall and your cigars would be undamaged. Ok, we don't encourage throwing it, or driving your car over it, but we think this case would come through that crush test, that's how strong this cigar case is! Exterior measurements are 9 x 5 3/4 x 2 inches and the unit includes a lanyard cord with a universal clip allowing you to secure the case on your boat, golf cart, etc. Plus there are multiple other attachment points available on the exterior as shown in the item images. With its clean and crisp matte white finish, this can be as classy a case as you want it to be. Or...beat it up as much as you like. It won't break! The cigar box lid is secured with a 6 1/4 inch long hinge with no less than 20 hinge anchor points and a 6 1/4 inch steel rod providing the strength. Finally, the lid is secured closed with two heavy-duty snap clasps on the front side which pull together and hold the lid and body for a super tight seal.

The result is a perfect travel environment for your cigars: Humidified, safe & protected. A must have for any fan of Nub cigars!

Price: US$24.00
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Xikar Don't Tread On Me Cigar Cutter

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A

The super cool Xikar Don't Tread on Me cutter is truly unique.  Guys, we don't get into politics here, so we'll leave the description to our distributor on this item: ""The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to a good cigar? Xikar accessories.

The Gadsden Flag is an unflinching and powerful symbol of American freedom, and not one to be taken lightly. Those who fly the iconic flag know a thing or two about freedom, and the fact that no person or government can mess with how they choose to show it. Similarly, you know anyone who carries a Xikar lighter or cutter is sure to know a thing or two about cigars. And with Xikar's unlimited lifetime warranty, your lighters will last as long as your freedom: forever.

The Xikar Xi2 Don't Tread on Me Cutter is sharper than George Washington's bayonet! The Xi line of cutters from Xikar has set the standard when it comes to cutting implements, and it remains a design that many have tried to copy with little success. The iconic teardrop shape is eye-catching, and with the bright yellow Gadsden Flag adorning its surface, there's no way you won't get compliments on this beautiful piece." 
Price: US$48.00
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NEW!: Cohiba La Habana, Cuba Sign Print, 22 x 14.8

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 22 x 14.875
Stunningly crisp photo print poster of the coolest cigar sign you've ever seen!  This is a high quality photo print of a vintage Cohiba Cigar Factory Sign.  A large size at 20 x 12.875 inches (total size of 22 x 14.875, including the edge border), makes this a great frameable piece for any Cuban cigar fan or collector.  This unique photo find is printed on semi-matt professional grade photo grade paper stock.
Cohiba cigars are produced at the famous El Laguito cigar factory in Cuba, where they're hand rolled to perfection. The sign bears the classic Cuban Cohiba logo with the famous indian head above dominating the center of the print.  Beneath the logo is the "La Habana, Cuba" script. The wooden sign is old, weathered and has been beaten up over the years, giving it a vintage, classic, aged and distressed look and feel.
It's hand-painted and looks like it's spent a century on the wall of the factory rolling room in Havana as the torceadores worked under its gaze in the heat rolling the leaves into works of art. See the detailed images showing a similar sign by thre same artist hanging in a cigar lounge in Canada.
This Cuban cigar print is a must have for cigar fans or even anyone with an interest in Cuban industrial history.  Perfect rustic decor for offices, restaurants, cigar bars or anywhere a unique Cuban work of art would be admired. A terrific talking point and a truly unique piece!  This photo print ships worldwide, rolled in a heavy duty tube!
Order this week and receive a FREE Cuban Trinidad art print, valued at $24.00!
Price: US$44.00
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Oliva Serie O Golf Tool, including Divot Tool, Marker & Cigar Cutter

Origin : Nicaragua Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 3 1/2 x 2 inches Strength : N/A

The Oliva Golf Tool is a must-have for the cigar loving golfer.  This metal tool unit is a spring loaded snap clasp that features a pocket knife style fold away set of cigar and golf tools including a divot tool, marker, and cigar cutter scissors. 

The tool body displays the classic Oliva Cigars text logo and the tool axle section has a ball marker disc magnetically attached to the tool body.  the marker bears the famous Oliva "O" tobacco leaf logo laser engraved on a stainless steel disc.  Pop it off when you need it, and snap it back on when your done.  Unit can snap onto a golf bag, belt loop or anywhere you might need a golf tool or cigar cutter - in your car, boat, home, bar, etc.

The Oliva Golfers Tool is super solid, and virtually indestructible!  Woroldwide delivery available on all cigar items, including our golfers cigar items!

Price: US$18.99
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