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Cigar Oasis Cartridge for Ultra 2.0

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Cigar Oasis Cartridge for Ultra 2.0

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This is the water cartridge refill for the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Electronic Cigar HumidifieCigar Oasis Ultra 2.0.  The unit contains a foam element with water and is charged with an anti-fungal agent.  It quickly and easily snaps and slides on and off the Oasis 2.0 Humidifier.  Unit comes full and ready to use.

Need more info about the Cartridge for the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0? Call, email or contact us via social media anytime. Worldwide delivery on the Cigar Oasis 2.0 Cartidge.

Country of Origin : United States
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Brand Profile

Cigar Oasis, Inc. presents the unique Cigar Oasis electronic cigar humidifiers guaranteed to keep your cigars always fresh. Cigar Oasis electronic humidifiers offer reliable and accurate humidity control. Cigar Oasis XL electronic cigar humidifier can be used to control humidity in small personal humidors. Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic cigar humidifier can be used for end tables, chests and other mid range enclosures while the Cigar Oasis II XL electronic humidifier can be used to control humidity in large armoires or display cases. Cigar Oasis was developed in 1997 after an extensive marketing and research program to make a reliable, maintenance-free humidifier. It was introduced in July 1998 and was slow in gaining acceptance because of market conditions.

In due time by word of mouth and a lot of positive talk on cigar chat sites, it gained acceptance as the only truly reliable humidifier for serious cigar smokers. With a significant increase in volume came price reduction and now it enjoys the premier position as the humidifier of choice. The Cigar Oasis technology was extended to make a larger humidifier, the Cigar Oasis II XL for large cabinet humidors and display cases. Then came the mid-range modification of the renowned small unit to Cigar Oasis Plus for end tables and small display cases. So, Cigar Oasis now covers the breadth of your humidification needs from small personal to the mid-range and large humidors. Over the last number of years, the one source to keep the cigars of a serious cigar smoker fresh have been the Cigar Oasis products. Now we are introducing the new Cigar Oasis XL, Cigar Oasis XL PLUS and Cigar Oasis II XL with smart microprocessor technology to keep your cigars fresh.

Have questions about the Cigar Oasis Ultra? Please contact  us by email or Toll free at 866 838-9463.  We deliver all Cigar Oasis products worldwide.

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