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Diamond Crown #3 - Box of 15

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Diamond Crown #3 - Box of 15

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Available in extremely limited quantities. When we have these, they go very quickly. Produced at Tabacalera A. Fuente, the Diamond Crown No.3 cigar is a highly complex, smooth, creamy premium cigar with absolute flawless construction and a perfect golden shiny Connecicut Shade fermented wrapper, specifically selected from the highest grade of silky smooth leaves. Diamond Crown cigars are recognized around the world as one of the finest super-premium cigars ever made, and they consistantly receives outstanding 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado.

Questions about the Diamond Crown No.3 cigar? Call toll free 866 838-9563. Worldwide delivery on all Diamond Crown cigars.
Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
Cigar length: 6 1/2 Ring Gauge: 54 Size: Toro

Brand Profile

Diamond Crown cigars are often referred to as one of the very first super premium cigar lines.  First introduced in the early 90’s, it is the finest cigar made by the JC Newman company, featuring a mild to medium-body with a subtle sweet and creamy flavors.

Few companies in any industry have been around for 100 years, but the cigar industry is different and so is JC Newman. For over fifty years, Stanford Newman of the JC Newman Cigar Company has been overseeing his family’s cigar business that was founded in the 19th century. In honor of the company’s 100th anniversary, Stanford wanted to culminate his time in the business by creating the smoothest yet most flavorful cigar JC Newman had ever produced. He gave no consideration to cost or time, seeking only perfection.

To create this dream cigar he approached none other than Carlos Fuente, maker of some of the worlds most famous and highly regarded brands including OpusX and Ashton cigars. Using the highest-grade tobaccos and the top cigar rollers at the Fuente Factory, Stanford Newman’s dream became a reality when Diamond Crown cigars debuted in the early 1990’s. Today this cigar is so popular it is extremely scarce and one of the most sought after Dominican cigars in the world. It features a Connecticut wrapper that is absolutely seamless over a smooth Dominican filler. The cigar is mild to medium-bodied, and very creamy and flavorful. Without a doubt, the Diamond Crown cigar is one of the best made premium cigars being made in the Dominican Republic.

Diamond Crown cigars were created as a result of J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s 100th Anniversary in 1995. Stanford Newman joined forces with Carlos Fuente Sr. to create a this super-premium Dominican cigar unlike anything that was on the market. The hype behind this cigar was tremendous, as two powerhouses in the cigar industry were uniting under the banner of one cigar line. Although most modern smokers are familiar with larger ring gauge cigars, when Diamond Crown cigars came out, the largest ring gauge available was a 52. Diamond Crown cigars were intended to be thick cigars for the experienced cigar smoker, so all Diamond Crown cigars were created with a minimum 54 cigar ring gauge. The larger ring gauge allowed for the blending of 6-7 individual tobacco leaves resulting in a highly complex blend, would assure a tremendous flavor profile for each cigar. Diamond Crown cigars use premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic. According to Eric Newman, son of Stanford Newman, “There has never been a cigar like Diamond Crown - ever!”

The uniqueness of a Diamond Crown cigar begins with it’s special CFW (Connecticut Fermented Wrapper). During the production of most cigars, the wrapper is hung in bales, dried, and bulked prior to being packed and rolled into a cigar. Diamond Crown cigars undergo a further fermentation step. The wrapper is fermented for five years, and then unpacked from its bale, conditioned and then graded. Only the finest, smoothest, silkiest leaves are chosen, and then placed in bulks. This process ensures that each Diamond Crown cigar will be a super-premium cigar. The second fermentation develops the rosado color of the tobacco wrapper, which eliminates potential wrapper flaws.

Always very highly rated, Diamond Crown cigars have been received very well by the cigar world, receiving five 90 or better ratings by Cigar Aficionado who referred to them as "Outstanding".

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