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Don Tomas Maduro Coronitas - 10 tins of 10 (100 cigars)

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Don Tomas Maduro Coronitas - 10 tins of 10 (100 cigars)

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Don Tomas Maduro Coronitas cigarillos are handmade in Honduras with Cuban seed natural wrappers. Medium bodied with a fine balance, very smooth and with a sweet spice.

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Country of Origin : Honduras
Cigar length: 4 3/16 Ring Gauge: 32 Size: Cigarillo Strength: Medium-Full
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Brand Profile

The Don Tomas cigar line is one of the premier names in the realm of cigars from Honduras. True to its orgin, Don Tomas cigars are rich in flavor and heritage.

All Don Tomas cigars are skillfully crafted by hand in the old world tradition from the most select tobaccos. Don Tomas cigars are hand made in the Centro American Cigars, S.A. cigar factory in Danli, Honduras. Don Tomas cigars have been skillfully crafted by hand in the old-world tradition since the 1970's.

Don Tomas Maduro cigars offer outstanding flavors from start to finish with outstanding construction with an even burn. Only the finest Honduran tobaccos, aged two years are selected for this popular blend, which is then wrapped in the unique dark Jamastran maduro wrapper. The result is a flavorprofile of leather and spice, along with a hint of sweetness.

High quality cigars and attractive pricing have earned Don Tomas the reputation as one of the best values in the world of premium cigars today. One can always count on Don Tomas cigars to have a perfect draw and burn due to the dedication to very high quality control standards in the craftsmanship of this premium cigar. A rich and flavorful Honduran cigar, a large stock of very well-aged tobaccos grown in Central America and exquisite cigar construction are what make Don Tomas cigars a consistent experience time after time. Cigar smokers from the cigar aficionado to the newer cigar smoker will enjoy these fine cigars.

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