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Partagas Cigar Factory Sign - Old Havana, Photo Print, 12 x 8

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Partagas Cigar Factory Sign - Old Havana, Photo Print, 12 x 8

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The most famous sign in the cigar world.  The old Partagas Factory Sign.  A truly unique piece of cigar history, that makes for the perfect cigar gift!  This is a high quality photo print of a vintage Partagas Cigar Factory Sign.  A large print size at 12 x 8 inches including one inch white border (total imge size is 10 x 6), makes this a great frameable piece for any Cuban cigar fan or collector.  This unique photo find is printed on semi-matt archival grade paper stock.
Partagas cigars background: For a century they were handrolled at the world famous Real Fabrica De Tabacos in Old Havana, Cuba, where they were hand rolled to perfection. The sign bears the classic Partagas logo with the famous flowing scripted text. The original sign depicted in this print is old, weathered and has been beaten up over the years, giving it a vintage, classic, aged and distressed look and feel.  A stunning cigar collectible piece!
NOTE: This sale is for the print poster UNFRAMED.  Image shown includes a watermark to protect from copyright infringement image theft.  The watermark is not in the actual print sold.
This cigar print is a must have for cigar fans or even anyone with an interest in Cuban industrial history.  Perfect rustic decor for offices, restaurants, cigar bars or anywhere a unique cigar work of art would be admired. A terrific talking point and a truly unique piece!  This photo print ships worldwide.
Also available in larger poster print size of 22 x 14.  See our Cigar Art Page for separate listing for the larger print.
Country of Origin : United States
Size: 12 x 8 Strength: N/A

Brand Profile

From Cigar Aficionado Magazine from November 2011, written just before Partagas moved production across town, closing the famous factory and pulling down the famed old Partagas sign.

Partagás Factory
(aka Francisco Pérez Germán)
Calle Industria No. 520,
Centro Habana

"The 166-year-old Partagás Factory, arguably Cuba’s best known cigar factory and certainly the one most frequented by tourists, was expected to be closed by now for extensive renovations. As this issue went to press, cigars were still being rolled there, but only special tours were being allowed. If you visit Havana and find it still open, try to wrangle a visit.

Partagás is a grand facility. Stand outside for a moment and take a full look, taking in the four stories with its signature balconies, shuttered windows and the oversized red and white Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagás sign. (Standing outside admittedly requires a bit of patience. You are all but certain to be approached by locals selling cigars, even by the front door. Resist the urge—what they sell is almost assuredly counterfeit.)

Walking inside, past the metal gates, take another moment to look up from the open center to watch as workers move about the floors above. Also take in the grand skylight far overhead. The walls are stone and wood, and the entire place teems with history.

Built in 1845, Partagás certainly shows its age, with crumbling steps, creaky floors and all manner of things needing fixing. One doesn’t question the need for a ‘This Old House’ style makeover.

The rolling gallery has style, with large windows that open in the middle and a grand stage at the front of the room, where a lector sits, carefully reading the news aloud to the cigarmakers as they work. All wear bright red shirts sporting the Partagás logo as they roll cigars, sort tobacco, or weigh blends to be made into smokes. They make the Partagás brand, of course, along with Bolivar, La Gloria Cubana, Ramón Allones and Quai D’Orsay cigars, as the factory is the mother factory for those brands. A group of older workers, former cigar rollers, look over cigars for quality control, spot-checking the work of their younger comrades.

When this factory closes, its production will be moved to the El Rey del Mundo Factory, a gorgeous white building decorated with Ionic columns. That factory was closed in May, in the midst of its own renovation, preparing it for the workers from Partagás. The equally iconic Partagás Factory Casa del Habano store is scheduled to remain open throughout the renovation of the Partagás Factory. This is a wonderful cigar store that should not be missed."

- Excerpt by D. Savona, Cigar Aficionado Magazine, November 2011 and "Havana - The Insiders Guide"

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