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Fonseca Classic Logo Embroidered Ballcap

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Fonseca Classic Logo Embroidered Ballcap

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Great looking Fonseca cigars hat, available in Tan or Black, with color embroidered Fonseca cigars logo on front.

Fonseca hat sizing is 'one size fits all', with a velcro style adjuster on the back.  As with all our hats, these are limited production items, and once they're gone they're gone for good.

Worldwide delivery on all cigar hats. Questions about our Fonseca hats? Call, email or contact us via social media, anytime!

Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
Size: Tan-Black Strength: N/A
Color Choice:

Brand Profile

World renowned Fonseca cigars are a creation of the Quesada family, who have been part of the cigar world for over a century. When they first arrived in Cuba from Spain they were bakers. It was in the mid-1880s that they began their tobacco business when a debt to the family was paid with tobacco.

Antero Gonzalez and his brother started a leaf purchasing company. At the beginning of the century the brothers parted ways and established separate companies and became the two largest exporters of Cuban tobacco, from Cuba to international markets. They have been competing in the world cigar market ever since through several generations.

When they were forced into exile due to the Cuban Revolution and had to leave everything behind, they moved their business to the Dominican Republic. Here Manuel Quesada Gonzalez bought warehouses and established their cigar business in the island. After a few years Alvaro Quesada Penabad and Manuel Quesada Penabad would begin working with their father in the warehouses. Soon the family would become involved in the manufacturing of cigars embarking on the journey that proved to be the beginning of a new era for the Quesadas.

Manufactura de Tabacos (MATASA), S.A. was born in 1974 as a small operation with three rollers and Manuel Quesada running the venture. Over the years the Quesadas have witnessed the growth of the cigar industry as well as the company that has been a part of their lives for so many years.

Matasa manufactures some of the finest cigars in the world: Fonseca, Cubita, Jose Benito, Casa Blanca, Licenciados, La Primera, Royal Dominicana, Ricos Dominicanos among other regional brands that are sold in the U.S. market.

Quality, consistency and pride in the work they do continue to be the guiding principles behind every bale of Dominican tobacco they prepare and every fine cigar that comes out of Matasa.

Questions about Fonseca cigars?  Call Toll free 866 838-9463.  Worldwide delivery on all Fonseca cigars.

Fonseca cigars is a member brand of Pro Cigar.

About Pro Cigar
Association Of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers

In 1992, a group of the most respected and experienced cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic formed Procigar - An association whose objectives then, and now, are to defend, protect and promote the good name of Dominican cigars.

Preserving this heritage and maintaining the quality on which is built is the mission of La Asociación de Fabricantes de Cigarros de la República Dominicana, ensuring the Dominican Republic's continued status as the one of the world’s premier manufacturers of first-quality cigars.

Following in the footsteps of those visionaries who first recognized the crystal clear rivers and fertile mountain valleys as ideal tobacco country, building on traditions that have been passed down in meticulous detail from generation to generation, the Pro Cigar association is committed to preserving the consistent quality and unrivaled reputation of Dominican Cigars.

As part of our commitment to quality, we are proud of our Seal, which puts our member in a class by itself.

The Dominican Cigar association’s members, cigar manufacturers of many of the world's most renowned brands, have established quality levels among themselves to make sure that the Dominican cigar, already a standard for excellence in the world, maintains its enviable status.

Each member company is committed to uphold the established guidelines that qualify their products to be known as the best from the Dominican Republic – cigar country.

Old World craftsmanship has been refined and perfected into new meaning. The Dominican's artisans are renowned for their cigar making skills and their passion to provide supreme smoking pleasure and relaxation.

Today, the Dominican Republic, produces and exports the some of the finest handmade, premium cigars in the world.

The members of the Dominican Cigar Manufacturers Association, have dedicated themselves to the highest standard of quality and consistency to which they are collectively committed.

In the marketplace, Dominican manufacturers compete by bringing their own individual blends, with their nuances of taste and aroma, to cigar lovers all over the world.

In the Dominican Republic's cigar country, each member strives to surpass even the high quality levels set by Pro cigar. This way, cigar aficionados all over the world enjoy the most consistent, tastiest cigars money can buy.

The ProCigar guarantee seal was the first holographic seal created in the industry for premium cigar boxes. This guarantee seal is exclusive but not obligatory for all Pro Cigar members. It guarantees that the cigars under this seal are manufactured by companies that maintain strict quality control both in leaf inventory and in cigar manufacturing to ensure the consistency of the blend of their cigars.  The seal is a combination of printing and holographic effect, which makes it harder to be counterfeited. Also, each seal bears a unique serial number.

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