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H. Upmann Fumas Toro - Bundle of 20

Origin : Nicaragua Length : 6 Ring Gauge : 50 Shape : Toro Strength : Medium
The iconic name of H. Upmann in the cigar world has been heard in cigar lounges for over 170 years, with a long history in Cuba, where thier fine cigars have always been sought after from all over the world.  Today H. Upmann crafted blends are considered by most to be among the highest in quality and often go for out of this world prices.
The H. Upmann Fumas cigar is Upmanns offer to those seeking that H. Upmann quality but at an everyday smoke price.  Full-flavored and expertly crafted by skilled torceadores with natural dark Indonesian Besuki wrapper leaf, along with Nicaraguan Habano blend fillers, with two long leaf binders.  The H. Upmann Fumas Toro cigar delivers creamy notes of coffee, caramel, with a nice touch of spice on the finish giving the cigar a fine complexity.  A handrolled H. Upmann cigar that won't break the bank as an everday smoke!
Price: US$72.00
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H. Upmann Fumas Single Jet Lighter, Aqua Blue

Origin : Nicaragua Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A

We rarely see branded logo accessories from H. Upmann, so we jumped on this one and brough in as many as we could.  The H. Upmann Cigars Torch Lighter is a limited production single jet lighter that Upmann fans will want to grab while we still have them.

The core body is a 1950s retro aqua blue with a cool matte finish which includes the classic H. Upmann Nicaragua logo. The lighter is accented by the steel top and trigger in a matte gunmetal finish. A sleek and elegant modern design. The lighter ignites by squeezing the side trigger igniting a clean single jet torch flame. The flame height is adjusted by an adjustment wheel built into the base, along with the butane refuel nozzle which is recessed into the base. Unit has a fuel level window, allowing you to monitor fuel anytime.

The H. Upmann Cigars Lighter ships worldwide with no fuel, as per regulations. At the time of writing, we have about 20 of these left. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Price: US$19.91
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H. Upmann Fumas Logo Cigar Tube

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 6 3/4 x 60 Strength : N/A

H. Upmann Logo Cigar Tube that hold and protects your cigar up to 6 3/4 x 60 ring gauge. This official H. Upmann product is made of high density super-strong acrylic, with metal gold colored end cap. The top see-through part of the tube pops off and on with a snug fit providing a perfectly sealed environment while you take your cigar on your travels.

You also get a box of 5 Humi-Savor capsules, with humidifying beads. The tube has a special chamber in the bottom part for the capsule. Simply unscrew the brass metal end cap and insert your properly charged Humi-Savor capsule and your cigar will be kept in an ideal humidity environment. Throw the tube into a pocket, glove compartment, or anywhere and your valuable premium cigar will be in prime condition whenever you're ready to light up.  Your tube comes packaged in an attractive display gift-box.  Perfect low-cost gift for a cigar buddy...gift one and keep the other for yourself!

These are limited production cigar tubes, and once they're gone, they're gone. A great price on a unique, cool, useful and collectible H. Upmann branded item. Get yours today while we still have them (Our Partagas logo tubes all sold out within weeks, so these will not last long). Questions? Call, email, or contact us via social media anytime, 24-7.

Price: US$12.00
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