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Macanudo Inspirado White Robusto - 5 Pack

Origin : Dominican Republic Length : 5 Ring Gauge : 50 Shape : Robusto Strength : Mild-Medium
The Macanudo Inspirado White Robusto is a gorgeous premium cigar. This most recent addition to the famed Macanudo cigars lineup sports a sleek and silky golden Ecuador Connecticut wrapper covering an Indonesian binder, and aged Nicaraguan and Mexican filler tobaccos. As does the famous original Macanudo blend, this handcrafted premium cigar is mellow to medium bodied in strength and creamy smooth.  Flavors of sweet cream, earth, cocoa, dry wood along with a subtle spice, make for a distinctively modern flavor profile that a whole new generation of cigar fans as well as the hard-core Macanudo enthusiasts are now enjoying so much that these are hard to keep on the shelves.
As always, all Macanudo Inspirado White cigars are available for international cigar delivery, along with the full range of premium Macanudo cigars we offer.
Price: US$47.00
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Macanudo Inspirado White Cigars Logo Heavy Duty Travel Case, Holds 5 Cigars

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : N/A Strength : N/A

Travel with your prized Macanudo cigars and keep then in perfect condition, safe and sound, protected by this super-solid cigar travel case. If you love your Macanudos or just need a super-solid cigar travel case, this case is for you.  A rugged heavy-duty cigar travel humidor that's waterproof and virtually indestructible!  With the Macanudo Inspirado Cigars logo on the lid, this unit holds five cigars up to a churchill size.  The interior is lined with foam padding, in the base as well as the lid, providing thick protection for your valuable sticks.

Embedded in the lid foam is a 1 inch diameter humidifier to generate all the humidity you'll need for a day out with your premium cigars.  With its patented design, this is one of the strongest cases we've ever seen.  You could throw it against a wall and your cigars would be undamaged.  Ok, we don't encourage throwing it, or driving your car over it, but we think this case would come through those tests, that's how strong this cigar case is!
Exterior measurements are 8 1/2 x 5 x 2 inches and the unit includes a lanyard cord with a universal clip allowing you to secure the case on your boat, golf cart, etc.  Plus there are multiple other attachment points available on the exterior as shown in the item images.
With its clean and crisp matte black finish, this can be as classy a case as you want it to be.  Or...beat it up as much as you like.  It won't break!  The cigar box lid is secured with a 6 inch long hinge with no less than 20 hinge anchor points and a 6 1/4 inch steel rod providing the strength.  Finally, the lid is secured closed with two heavy-duty snap clasps on the front side which pull together and hold the lid and body for a super tight seal.  The result is a perfect travel environment for your cigars:  Humidified, safe & protected. 
Regular MSRP on this case is $35.00. A must have for any fan of Macanudo cigars!
Price: US$19.91
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