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Mayorga Cafe Cubano - 2lbs.

Mayorga Cafe Cubano - 2lbs.

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Deep-roasted Cafe Cubano pays homage to our roasters Caribbean roots. This complex dark roast blend has become highly sought-after by discernining coffee lovers throughout the world. Slow roasting in the Cuban tradition draws out the sweet smokiness of this superbly bold coffee. This exotic blend can be enjoyed as an espresso or a straight cup of drip coffee.

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Size: 2lb

Brand Profile

As a child, Martin Mayorga spent time in cigar factories with his father, watching the cigar makers who had fled Castro's government in the 1960's.  He recalled the rollers playing dominos, discussing their plight and telling the stories of leaving Cuba, and of enjoying a distinctly dark, strong coffee.

Later on in his childhood, when the Mayorga family fled Nicaragua, Martin was able to appreciate first hand this robusto and rich coffee while spending time with his father and Cuban immigrants who had also left and fled to Miami.

Mayorga Café Cubano is a tribute to the culture and unique flavor that Martin appreciates to this day and that brings back memories of his father and others who fled their government to find freedom in the United States.  This flavor profile is achieved through the blending of specific coffee beans used and in the roasting process achieving a rich and smoky flavor with a nice smooth finish.

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