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Mayorga Cafe Cubano - 2lbs.

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 2lb

Deep-roasted Cafe Cubano pays homage to our roasters Caribbean roots. This complex dark roast blend has become highly sought-after by discernining coffee lovers throughout the world. Slow roasting in the Cuban tradition draws out the sweet smokiness of this superbly bold coffee. This exotic blend can be enjoyed as an espresso or a straight cup of drip coffee.

Questions about our Cafe Cubano coffee? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all our fine coffees.

Price: US$29.95
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Mayorga Cuban Coffee Mug

Origin : United States Length : N/A Ring Gauge : N/A Shape : 10 oz.

From the makers of our classic Mayorga Cafe Cubano coffee, this sleek ceramic coffee mug is a 10oz cup displaying the Mayorga Coffee logo.  Not many of these in stock, so order now!

Worldwide delivery available on all coffee accessories and fine Cuban style coffees.

Price: US$11.00
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