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Padron 4000, Natural - 5 Pack

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Padron 4000, Natural - 5 Pack

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Padron 4000 cigars are among the very finest, handmade, complex cigars with the flavor of Cuban heritage out of which the Padron blend was born. The Padron family pays personal attention to detail throughout all steps of our tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing.

Have questions about Padron 4000 Natural cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. All our Padron cigars available for worldwide delivery!

Country of Origin : Nicaragua
Cigar length: 6 1/2 Ring Gauge: 54 Size: Toro Strength: Medium-Full

Brand Profile

Founded in 1964 and always evolving, Padron cigars today consist of thirteen medium to full-bodied long filler cigars ranging from panetelas to the large "A" size Magnum cigars. All tobacco in this cigar line is sun-grown habano that is aged for a minimum of two and half years. Every cigar in the Padron line is available in natural and maduro wrapper. This line offers exceptional quality and value.

With over four years to create a perfect cigar and more than 100 years to create a perfect legacy, the Padron Family understands the significance of time. Padron cigars deliver only the finest, handmade cigars with the flavor and complexity of the Cuban cigar heritage out of which the Padron recipe was born. Padron's primary mission is the exceptional quality of the cigar product, not the quantity produced.  Padron consistently produces some of the highest rated cigars in the world that are highly prized by cigar aficionados everywhere.

As a vertically integrated, family-owned company, Padron pays personal attention to every detail throughout all steps of the tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing process. Padron strives to give you, the cigar smoker, the confidence that each Padron cigar is the same.

The Padron blend is full bodied with a spicy flavor delivered 5 year aged tobaccos.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigars

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigar line was introduced in 1994 to commemorate Padron's 30th anniversary. The line consists of nine cigar sizes that are all available in natural and maduro wrappers. All tobacco used in this limited production cigar series is aged for four years, creating a smooth and complex flavor.

In honor of the age-old Cuban cigar tradition of box pressing cigars, the Padron 1964 Anniversary cigar line was introduced as a box-pressed cigar series.

For the protection of customers Padron introduced measures to safeguard against cigar counterfeiting with a specially designed double band featuring an individually numbered guarantee label.

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series is consistently ranked by cigar industry experts as one of the top cigar brands in the world.

Padron Anniversary 1926 Cigars

The Padron Aniversario 1926 is the rarest and most sought after cigar made by Padron.  Made with specially aged tobaccos, the Padron 1926 Anniversary series debuted after the highly successful launch of the Padron 1964 Anniversary line.  It was produced to commemorate the 75th birthday of Jose O. Padron. The Padron 1926 Anniversary cigars are full bodied powerhouse that is made with specially aged and selected tobaccos from Nicaragua.

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigars are a tough act to follow.  The cigar brand repeatedly leads the tastings in Cigar Aficionado Magazine. So when the Padron family set out to celebrate its 40th anniversary, we were skeptical about the prospects for improving on a winning formula. Our doubts were unfounded. The Padron Serie 1926 40th Anniversary cigar in natural wrapper is the best cigar of the year, and may be the best cigar the Padrons have ever made. Each leaf in the cigar is aged for a minimum of five years. The wrapper feels like fine silk. The box-pressed torpedo cigar is superbly crafted with an intensely complex flavor. Slightly stronger than a Padron Anniversary, it has heavy chocolate notes framed by earthy spices, with a luxuriant, long finish.

The initial release of Padron 1926 Anniversary cigars came in 400 beautifully presented, hand-painted, hand-carved boxes of 40. About half those boxes (or 8,000 cigars) were shipped in 2004, split evenly between natural and maduro wrappers, and the rest will shipped the following year. We have no idea how the Padrons will celebrate their 50th year, but we can't wait!

A Note From the Founder

Jose Orlando Padron, the founder of Padron cigars tells the interesting story of the origins of Padron cigars

"In 1962, I arrived in Miami, an unknown city in a foreign land.  I had to start from zero.  At first, I recieved $60 monthly, as Government aid given to Cuban refugees.  I was thirty-six years old, strong, and in good health.  Every time I cashed that check, I felt like a burden on the country that had taken me in.  For many days, I looked for a job and did not find one.  Every night, I went home and thought of the future.  I was determined to do something so that I could support my family.

One day, Raul Fernandez, a friend who worked at the Cuban refugee office asked if I had any carpentry skills.  I said I did.  He gave me a gift - a small hammer - which he asked me to put to good use.  The hammer made me feel I had the neccesary tool to become self-sufficient and not depend on a government hand-out.  During the days, I worked as a gardener.  At nights, I did carpentry with the hammer.

My dream was to save enough money to open a factory to make great cigars, like the ones I used to smoke in Cuba.  Through a lot of sacrifice and hard work, I managed to save $600 - money I made working with the hammer.  With that, I made my dream come true and opened Padron cigars in 1964.

I still have the hammer as a reminder of how it all started.  More than fourty years later...The hammer is still here and so is Padron cigars, the brand the hammer helped build."

Jose Orlando Padron

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