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125 Cigar Humidifier

Paradigm 125 Cigar Humidifier

Paradigm humidifiers use a special surgical foam element (not common florist's foam) that doesn't dry from the surface inward or break down over time.

The water continually wicks from the interior to the surface so the evaporation rate remains constant.

All Paradigm cigar humidifiers covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Size: 1 x 3 x 3 3/4 inches

Brand Profile

A message from Paradigm Systems...

At Paradigm Systems, we love fine cigars, just as you do.  Think about the frustration of reaching into your humidor or travel case, only to find a damaged or inadequately humidified cigar.

At Paradigm, we've been there...but never again.

We created our company, Cigar Classics Inc, with a goal to assemble a range of the very best cigar accessories in the world.  We develop products that provide total protection for your premium cigars.  for the design of our products, we combined basic functionality with grerat style that you'll be proud to own our products. Further, Paradigm products will actually enhance your overall smoking experience.

With our products, you know that your cigar will be maintained in a perfect environment - Well humidified and securely protected.

At Paradigm Systems, we're in this business for you.  Our core philosophy is to provide support for our customers, and we've built our reputation around this basic  philosophy.  We look forward to serving and supporting our customers with the very finest cigar accessories available.

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