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Partagas Cifuentes Deciembre - Box of 20

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Partagas Cifuentes Deciembre - Box of 20

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The Partagas Cifuentes Deciembre is a medium-to-full bodied Dominican cigar, rich in flavor, with a special Honduran Medio-Tiempo wrapper, as well as Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos. The Partagas Cifuentes cigar line is a Limited Edition extension to the famed Partagas cigar portfolio. A highly sought after premium.  We currently have a very limited stock available.

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Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
Cigar length: 5 1/2 Ring Gauge: 49 Size: Robusto

Brand Profile

Partagas Cifuentes cigars carry the name of the Cifuentes family, the legendary makers of Partagas cigars in Cuba. In a tradition that spans a century, the masters of Partagas would create cigars under their name with a unique and distinct character from all others readily available. That tradition continues with the superb Partagas Cifuentes Blend.

Its deeply satisfying, full, rich taste is derived from a limited crop of sun-ripened Honduran wrapper leaves. The extra aging on the plant gives the wrapper leaf flavor characteristics like no other. And naturally, the quality and craftsmanship found in these cigars is everything you’d expect from a Partagas cigar. This is a cigar that Ramon Cifuentes himself would have been proud to offer.

Partagas Cifuentes cigars - A unique cigar taste made in the Partagas tradition.

Not long after Jaime Partagas sailed from Spain to Cuba, he founded the cigar brand that bears his name. The year was 1845. Yet the greatest chapters of Partagas history were written by two other men, Ramon Cifuentes and the son who was named after him. Whether working together or alone, it was those two great cigar masters who made Partagas the leading Cuban cigar. But in 1961, two years after Fidel Castro had seized control of the Cuban government, Ramon Cifuentes was forced to flee the island, never to return. Seventeen years later, he was finally able to begin creating his Partagas cigars again, this time in the Dominican Republic, where his unmatched tradition of cigar making remains alive and well.

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