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Partagas 1845 10 Cigar Sampler

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Partagas 1845 10 Cigar Sampler

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Our Partagas Cigar Sampler now includes 10 handmade Partagas classics: 1 Partagas Cifuentes Septiembre (5 1/2 x 49) which is - a Special seasonal release only available for a very short time, 1 Partagas Series S Preferido, 1 Partagas Spanish Rosado Mitico, 1 Partagas Black Label Pyramide, 1 Partagas Robusto, 1 Partagas Aristocrat, 1 Partagas Black Label Bravo, 1 Partagas Black Label Classico & 2 Partagas No.4 cigars.

Questions about the Partagas sampler? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Partagas cigars.
Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
Size: Various

Brand Profile

Partagas 1845 cigars commemorate 167 years of heritage and expert cigar making. The legendary Benji Menendez called the Partagas 1845 cigar “one of the most significant blends I have ever been involved in developing.”  Partagas 1845 cigars are full flavored, medium bodied premium cigars with hints of coffee and notes of cocoa. A unique cigar experience that stands firmly between a mild aromatic flavor of  classic Partagas cigars and the stronger and sweet tastes of Partagas Black Label cigars.

The legendary Benji Menendez served as an advisor on the blend development. In this 60th year of his involvement in the cigar business, Benji hails Partagas 1845 cigars “Partagas is a brand that's part of my soul & part of my heritage in the cigar business. It is quite sentimental for me, so releasing the next Partagas cigar collection after the Partagas Master Series was a project that indeed I cared very much about. This is truly a dream come true for me, to help the next generation of cigar makers develop new cigars and grow in this business.  If I can plant a seed so they can grow a tree, I am so happy,” he said.
To achieve the characteristic full flavor of Partagas 1845, Dominican Piloto Cubano is blended with Nicaraguan tobaccos from three different growing areas. The filler tobaccos are aged in Dominican rum barrels, a process which enhances their flavor.
The premium Connecticut Habano binders are unique unto itself, as it was developed as a result of dedicated research and development,a nd took a solid nine years to develop.  The binder offsets the blend with a touch of sweetness.
The blend finishes in a luxurious Ecuadoran Habano Viso wrapper which covers the Partagas 1845 cigar in its truly unique color & hearty texture.
The packaging pays homage to the Partagas cigars rich history, by borrowing elements of the turn-of-the-century Partagas cigar band from circa 1900. The band graphics are rotated for optimal presentation, be it on the shelf, in an ashtray, in the hand, or when smoked, and is highlighted by state of the art printing techniques that bring the brand to life.
Partagas 1845 cigars are boxed in one of the most innovative cigar boxes we've seen.  Check out the images with the vintage Partagas logo used on the removable lid.

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