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Punch Upper Cut Mr. Punch Bobblehead - Rare!

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Punch Upper Cut Mr. Punch Bobblehead - Rare!

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This Limited Edition Mr. Punch Bobblehead is the perfect complement to your man-cave, or ornament for your home bar or office.  A colorful and amusing talking point.  These are limited production and we have about 30 in stock.  We're not bobblehead experts, but this guy is super-solid and surprisingly heavy at almost a pound in weight.  He's 7 1/2 inches tall with a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 1/2 inch base.  He has a mischievous smile and eyes to go with it.  He's holding a blue cigar box with labelled "Punch" in his right hand and he's helped himself to one already which he holds in his left hand. He comes well-packaged in a Punch branded box, with a history of Mr. Punch's association with the cigar brand printed on the back.
When the Punch cigar brand was first created by Manuel Lopez in 1840, its name was chosen so as to appeal to British cigar consumers, so Lopez named the brand after the then famous cantankerous character Mr. Punch from the popular Punch and Judy shows of the era. 
Just a cool little cigar collectible.  Let Mr. Punch keep his eyes on your valuable cigar collection, and give his big head a flick of appreciation when you grab your next cigar!
Country of Origin : United States
Size: N/A

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Punch Upper Cut cigars delivered worldwide.

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