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AC Spanish Cedar Sheets & Solid Blocks (15 & 10)

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AC Spanish Cedar Sheets & Solid Blocks (15 & 10)

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You get 15 Spanish Cedar sheets and 10 solid Spanish Cedar blocks.  Our customers are always asking for Spanish Cedar sheets and solid blocks to fill voids in their humidors.  These aromatic Spanish cedar sheets come to us with boxes of cigars to protect the cigars and hold humidity inside the cigar boxes.  We get lots of these and when a box is empty we hate throwing anything away.   You'll get a variety of sizes, but a typical sheet measures about 4 x 6, with a typical block being about 4 x 3/4 x 3/4.  In total you get 25 pieces of Spanish cedar.

International delivery available on Spanish Cedar and all products on the site, as always.

Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
Size: Various Strength: N/A
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Brand Profile

Our cigar signs are 100% handmade, crafted by our own woodworking specialists who produce these exclusively for us. So you won't find these anywhere else. As only a very few of each design have been made; and with the significant price of these signs, plus the long time it takes to hand carve these - chances are you'll never see another one anyhwhere on your travels.

Our craftsmen work exclusively by hand using traditional hand carving tools, and the only power tools used are personal hand-held power tools like routers, drills, and electric sanders. No computer driven auto-routers which produce machine made identical copies of wood pieces. All our signs are individually unique in that each has individual intricacies due to the hand made element of their creation and finishing.

See the various stages of production of this cigar sign in the images section of the "Details" page for the H. Upmann Factory Sign.

Shipping rates will vary based on your location, so the ship rate quoted on Checkout may NOT be accurate, and is subject to change. Questions about our handmade cigar signs? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all .

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