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Te-Amo Meditation - 5 Pack

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Te-Amo Meditation - 5 Pack

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Te Amo Meditation cigars are Mexican Puros, comprised of a blend of Mexican only tobaccos that give this Meditation a robust edge and that distinctively Mexican earthy tobacco flavor that is loves by so many.  The cigar wrapper is a real beauty. Medium to full-bodied with notes of nut and hints of chocolate and a variety of spices and earthy complexities.

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Country of Origin : Mexico
Cigar length: 6 Ring Gauge: 42 Size: Meditation, 6 x 42
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Brand Profile

Take the cigar band off a Te-Amo cigar and knowledgeable cigar aficionados would still know it was one of the world's most prized cigars. There is a silky, premium quality feel to Te-Amo cigars that tells the cigar connoisseur, even before he lights up, of superb tobacco and painstaking cigar craftsmanship.

A Mexican Puro, Te-Amo cigars  were introduced in the 1960 and most famously remembered in New York City during the era of the 1970s as “the cab driver’s cigar” due to its great quality at a highly affordable price, The Te-Amo cigar is now globally known and sought after as one of Mexico's premium cigars.  The Te-Amo cigar is a Mexican "puro" with all tobacco in this fine cigar grown in Mexico's famous San Andres Valley and Te-Amo cigars are handmade by cigar rollers who have been cigar makers for generations.

As a TeAmo cigar is smoked, the cigar aficionado experiences the incomparable enjoyment of tobacco flavor and aroma that distinguishes a truly great cigar.

Hand-crafted by the famous Turrent cigar family, who are the manufacturers of some of the most sought after tobaccos in the world and have been growing in the San Andres Valley in Mexico for six generations, Te Amo cigars have a rich and earthy flavor that's very much characteristic of the valley region.

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