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Griffins by Davidoff Perfecto - 5 Pack

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Griffins by Davidoff Perfecto - 5 Pack

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A new size for Griffin's cigars! A delicately spiced medium strength perfecto, perfectly shaped. Griffins cigars are among the very best Dominican cigars available. Superb handmade cigars by any standard. Filler includes 3 different Cibao Valley tobaccos, a Dominican binder and Connecticut wrapper deliver a mild flavor with notes of nut.

Worldwide delivery on Griffin's perfecto cigars. Questions about Griffin's cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463.

Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
Cigar length: 4 5/8 Ring Gauge: 52 Size: Perfecto Strength: Mild
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Brand Profile

When Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492, he wrote with great reverence: "This island (which he later named La Hispaniola), is a wonder of nature. The mountain ranges and the hills, the valleys and rivers, the meadows and fields, all hold a unique beauty and charm. The grounds are unusually fertile. Anyone who sees it once, will never want to leave". Later, Spain gave this land the name Santo Domingo; today it is called Republica Dominicana.

The tobacco plants for the Griffins cigars are harvested in the Cibao valley, the most fertile area on the island. For over 500 years the tradition of
tobacco cultivation has been carried on and thanks to the excellent climatic conditions, guarantees impeccable quality cigars.

The name The Griffin's is a guarantee of fine premium cigars from the Dominican Republic. The superior quality of these handmade cigars is ensured through careful checking and selection processes covering everything from the tobacco seeds to the finished cigars. The cigars from the Cibao valley sporting the characteristic griffin logo, with their filler consisting of three different Santo Domingo tobaccos from different harvests, are hand-rolled by torcedores. Cigar compositions from The Griffin's exert a fascinating attraction – just like the mythical heraldic beast on the cigar band. A warranty seal on the boxes vouches for quality and authenticity.

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