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Xikar HumiFan - Humidor Air Circulator

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Xikar HumiFan - Humidor Air Circulator

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The Xikar HumiFan is a new product from the top name in cigar care accessories.  This compact battery powered humidor fan provides intermittent air circulation to prevent stagnant conditions inside your humidor.  Under normal conditions, higher humidity levels rise and settle toward the top of your humidor.  The HumiFan allows your valuable cigars to breathe by redistributing the air inside your humidor to offset inconsistent humidity levels, and providing a more consistent and stable environment for your cigars.

Other features: The fan runs in 15 second cycles, every 15 minutes. The angled centrifugal fan maximizes air circulation. An oversized side intake for maximum air redistribution.  unit includes an LED battery status indicator. Four AA batteries are included. Unit dimensions: 5.9"W x 2.95"H x 0.98"D.

The Xikar HumiFan Humidor Air Circulator is available for worldwide delivery.

Country of Origin : United States
Size: 5.9W x 2.95H x 0.98D inches

Brand Profile

"Even if YOU break it, we still warrant it" - Kurt Van Keppel, CEO of Xikar Inc. 

From its Kansas City headquarters, XIKAR is the world's leading manufacturer of cigar cutters, including the well-recognized Xi cigar cutter, along with a full line of cigar accessories, lighters and humidification devices and containers.

Xikar is best known for their Xi cigar cutter lines. However, during the past two years Xikar has extended their business with a wider range of cigar accessories, which in addition to cigar lighters, now includes the Cigar Envoy line of leather-bound Xikar cigar cases, as well as a new line of Xikar desktop humidors.

Perfect for Father's Day, bachelor parties, corporate events and golf tournament prizes, XIKAR cigar products are great gifts for cigar lovers looking for excellence in every purchase.

XIKAR are dedicated to providing customers with a quality and innovative selection of cigar cutters, knives, cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories and cigar gifts. They proudly back all products with a "Total Satisfaction Guarantee" and exceptional customer service.

XIKAR cigar cutters and accessories are sold through more than 3,000 dealers worldwide. With even more product and service introductions planned, XIKAR strives to lead the market in providing quality and innovative cigar accessories now, and in the years to come.

We never waiver in our commitment to offering you top quality leisure tools that enhance your lifestyle. So you can buy with confidence, we back all our products for life and welcome any suggestions and concerns. If you feel that a XIKAR product fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish or function, simply return it to us and we will immediately and cheerfully repair or replace your product under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, XIKAR is one of the leading cigar accessory brands.  Creator of the revolutionary and iconic Xi1 cutter, XIKAR sells product in thousands of retail locations around the world.

In 1994, Xikar CEO Kurt Van Keppel wanted to buy a good cigar cutter, but found that both the inexpensive and high-end models underperformed.  So, he set out with Scott Almsberger to match good design (ergonomics and function) with the best styling and materials.  The result was the Xi cutter, which launched in 1996.

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